CeTeau Gabion


Mattresses made of hexagonal fabric

Main Application

CeTeau gabions, by virtue of their matchless strength, excellent engineering adaptability and proven reliability, have become the chosen building material for a tremendous variety of construction work. These include road construction, river banks, weir, control and retaining of flood water, earth retaining structures. Coastal defense, harbor works, erosion control and bridge projection. Lately welded gabions have become very popular in land based retaining structures, feature wall cladding, sound walls , seating and other landscape features where the beauty of rock and the clean straight, architectural lines of the welded mesh panels are desirable. Zinc Coated 2mx1mx0.3m/pcs Zinc Coated 2mx1mx1m/pcs Zinc Coated 3mx1mx1m/pcs PVC Coated 2mx1mx1m

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